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Limbo d.o.o.

Limbo d.o.o. is a small company, which engages with casting. Foundry was founded in 1966, so it has more than 40 years of experience on this field. The company enganges in production and sale of products from poured aluminium, brass and non-ferrous metals. They are also producing different serial and unique products round plans and models, which are proposed by customer. Casting is done by hand into sand and cast-iron mould. They are making products for industry, service industries, independent businessmen as well as for individuals.

Limbo d.o.o. engages in production and sale for in-country market and export of products to states of European Union.

The company follows market trends with unchangeable adapting of its production programme. The production programme is made from series of products formed by considering customer wishes and needs. Limbo d.o.o. produces also different skeletons, belt-pulley and other products. Additional production programme also includes production of poured aluminium of post-boxes, garden sinks, benches and tables. Products are treated to final stage or only to the stage requested by customer.

Size of casts can extend all by 1500 × 1000 mm and weight up to 200 kg.

Production of the company is oriented to modernization of products and production of always-new products. The most important task of Limbo d.o.o. company is increasing qualities of products and excellent customer relations, which is reflected in satisfaction of customers.

Limbo d.o.o., Srednja vas 16b, 1355 Polhov Gradec, Slovenia

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